Acorn attack

I don't want to alarm anyone, but I just got beaned in the nose with an acorn! I'm unusually distraught. This sort of nasal targeting has dredged up a lot of insecurities that I believed I'd buried, y'all. Well, they've broken through the surface. They have risen. Picture it - I was heading back from the … Continue reading Acorn attack

Kicking the posh gym habit

Good morning, good lookin! I had one of those mornings when I woke up like "nope," but I dragged myself to the gym anyways. I figured I'd sleepwalk through a workout, but within half an hour I busted out some jump lunges on the TRX! I rose high above my lackluster mood, so I had to … Continue reading Kicking the posh gym habit

Breakfast in Australia

I went down under a few weeks back, and I emerged enlightened. Australia just does not get enough credit in this world. We remember the Crocodile Hunter fondly and mourn his unjust demise, and we think Natalie Imbruglia defined the term “one hit wonder” and she should totally own that, but our collective curiosity seems … Continue reading Breakfast in Australia

5 reasons traveling sucks

Ever since my self-proclaimed “year of the vacay,” I’ve been obsessed with travel. I got bitten by that travel bug, y’all, and she left a big, oozing lesion of wanderlust on my soul. I know; I should’ve been a poet. My passport was nearly nude back in 2012, but I jumped at the opportunity to … Continue reading 5 reasons traveling sucks

Resting clown face (RCF)

Good morning,! It's been a pretty little spell since I've drowned you all in a stream of consciousness-style rant, but I thought you may be hankering for one. So I'm giving it to you, because I'm nothing if not a generous lass. I'm a giver. You could be all, "I lost my love handles!" … Continue reading Resting clown face (RCF)

Oh deer

Goooood morning! I don't know about you, but this morning's news has me like, womp. So depressing y'all! I just read about a mass suicide/homicide of a sweet little family, an Iranian execution and an article about that poor oppressed Lucille Ball statue like, back to back. That sculpture beautifully depicts Lucy's grave excavation after a 27 … Continue reading Oh deer