Welcome! I’m Deena, a 30-something American living in Europe whose sense of humour often gets classified as “witty” despite striving for the base. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m fond of stream-of-consciousness style rambling with a rip tide current. I hope you enjoy.

MyWordVom.com is where I aggregate my most random thoughts, opinions, feelings, disappointments, rage, envy, lust, envy, gluttony, coveting thy neighbour’s ass-ing, and the like. I’m keeping the spectrum broad for now, but don’t rule out the possibility of me getting a more narrow focus in the future.

My first book, Raindropt, was published as an ebook in March 2016. It’s your typical “girl meets gnome” type of story based in the fictional Bosch Rainforest. The second in the series came out August 4, the third came out in April 2017, and the fourth November 2018. Book 5, the last book in the series, will hit in 2019. You can buy the whole series on Amazon here, iBooks here, or on my website here. Click the “follow” link in my menu toolbar to the right to make sure you get notified of the releases.

I hope you enjoy, please comment when you have a strong feeling any which way since I want you to like me, really like me.

me, pre and post word-vomming
me, pre and post word-vomming

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