Escapism at its finest

Today's the day, y'all! The second chapter in the Raindropt series is now available for all of your reading needs! Your gnome-shaped void is now filled, and that pointy hat-wearing creature is wedged into that unfortunate hole in your life. Woohoo! Now, you may be thinking, "What reading needs are those exactly? I don't have needs. It's an election year. … Continue reading Escapism at its finest

Nom nom nom cookies nom nom

Good morning, good lookin! I woke up feeling sprightly today, and I think it's because it's just 2 more days until novel #2 is released! Hoo-de-hoooo! I'm just a little bit excited. I labored over this book for the past 4.5 months, and now I'm ready for you two to officially meet. She's already left the … Continue reading Nom nom nom cookies nom nom