Escapism at its finest

Today's the day, y'all! The second chapter in the Raindropt series is now available for all of your reading needs! Your gnome-shaped void is now filled, and that pointy hat-wearing creature is wedged into that unfortunate hole in your life. Woohoo! Now, you may be thinking, "What reading needs are those exactly? I don't have needs. It's an election year. … Continue reading Escapism at its finest

Stuff I think about during yoga

I'm starting to think I'm cheating at yoga. Like, I'm not sure I'm doing the meditative component right. I'm not even sure why I'm outing myself here, to be honest. To look at me, you'd never know. I have that characteristic blank stare on my face. To the untrained eye, I'm basically Gandhi. I do my … Continue reading Stuff I think about during yoga