Breakfast in Australia

I went down under a few weeks back, and I emerged enlightened. Australia just does not get enough credit in this world. We remember the Crocodile Hunter fondly and mourn his unjust demise, and we think Natalie Imbruglia defined the term “one hit wonder” and she should totally own that, but our collective curiosity seems to end there.

Poached egg with sauteed mushrooms, raw kale, raddicchio, and parmesan cream sauce. IT WORKS.

You could blame the fact that Australians have somehow corralled every creature that could kill you and set it loose in the land, so we retaliate and keep it at arm’s length, but that’s not fair to Oz. It’s so much more than the country with more deadly snakes of any other country worldwide, y’all. Give it some credit – it’s also home to the most deadly creature on the planet.

Under that veneer of venom, though, Australia is excellent. On the other side of that 24 hour flight is a brilliantly sunny haven of beautiful coastal walks, beaches, and the occasional non-poisonous wildlife thrown in for good measure. Their proximity to Asia shapes their cuisine nicely, so you don’t have to go too far in order to stuff your face with dumplings, should you so choose to do so. And you so should. Also, the people are friendly and use the best slang (flip flops = thongs! Hilarious).

But, most notably, their breakfast is tight as hell.

Baked eggs with fried eggplant, corn and feta. Like, what?! IT WORKS.

Breakfast is by far my favorite meal of the day. When I die, I’d like to be buried with a dozen eggs and coffee and hot sauce and lots of veggies. I think it’ll smell delightful down there, and if not, what do you care?! I’m the one spending eternity with breakfast. Back off.

Anyways, Australians know that the more savory the better when it comes to the first meal of the day. They believe, as I do, that avocado should be available in every savory option, and that smoked salmon is a right, not a privilege. They poach eggs with the ease of a scramble, and they offer creative fritters and accoutrements you never thought would go with brekkie – asparagus, radishes, a parmesan cream sauce with the dense consistency of gelato – and they somehow make it work.

Zucchini fritter with guacamole, radishes, tomatoes, sprouts, mixed greens, lemon slice, asparagus and poached eggs with black sesame seeds. IT WORKS.

I found crispy fried eggplant in a baked egg dish next to corn and it.just.worked. There were sprouts and a slice of lemon on top of my zucchini fritter, and I devoured the whole dish – rind and all. They surrounded that parmesan cream sauce with raw kale, and I lost my damn mind. It just worked.

I’ve had a lot of excellent breakfasts in my day, but I’ve never seen a country execute time and time again quite like Australia. Well done, Oz. I’d brush up against a box jellyfish to dine with you again.

Clockwise from bread – Pumpernickel soldiers, halloumi cheese, poached eggs on tomato relish, avocado and smoked salmon. Matcha latte is in the yellow.

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